Our Amazing Team

Everyone on our team has specialist knowledge of the digital landscape they want to share with you.

Alan W. Brown


Alan W. Brown is a software engineer and business strategist who studies how agile delivery practices can help organizations create better solutions faster. He is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Surrey Business School where he leads activities in the area of corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation models. Alan has extensive industry experience in a variety of areas, including leading business development in a Silicon Valley Start-up, a product strategist and Distinguished Engineer at IBM, and a research scientist at the Software Engineering Institute.
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Roger Maull


Roger Maull is a Professor of Digital Economy in the Surrey Business School. His current research is informed by two major RCUK research grants NEMODE and the HAT. Together, they have taken his research into a new phase: considering the implications of the Digital Revolution for businesses and society. He contends that we are in the throes of a massive change driven by technologies such as the Internet of Things, and the advent of personal data.
Roger believes strongly in empirical research and has worked with a wide range of companies including Vodafone, Met Police, Rolls-Royce, IBM, TNT Express, NHS, Finmeccanica and Lloyds Banking Group.

David Plans


David Plans began his academic career studying artificial intelligence and computer science, using algorithms to investigate the nature of human creativity.He later helped build the first European merger for Open Source startups and has recently helped the UK’s National Health Service deploy the first mobile application to let users self-report in chronic illness. David has started and run several high-Tech startups. His latest venture is BioBeats, where he designs media systems that foster wellness. He has given papers and performances at the European Conference on Artificial Life, IRCAM and the Darwin Symposium, and explores innovation at the University of Surrey.

Lampros Stergioulas


Lampros Stergioulas is professor of Business Analytics at the Surrey Business School.

Ben Shenoy


Ben Shenoy is a hybrid psychologist and engineer, with an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University, an MBA from the London Business School, and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Harvard Business School. He is an experienced speaker and a writer, a behavioural researcher, and management consultant. His recent focus has been helping organizations to apply behavioural insights to a variety of business issues through a mixture of executive education, speaking engagements & applied research tailored to each organization’s specific situation. Currently, Ben co-leads the Innovation Gateway project at the Surrey Business School in partnership with the 5G Innovation centre to apply agile innovation practices to accelerate transition of next generation of mobile technologies to business.

Carla Bonina


Carla Bonina is Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Surrey Business School. Her research explores the intersection of technology innovation, entrepreneurship and policy. Her current projects examine critical implications of big and open data, value creation, and new business models in the digital economy. She has been conducting research on digital government, technology innovation, innovation policy and international development, and has performed consulting roles for the government of Mexico and Kazakhstan, telecom operators in Latin America and Europe. She previously held a Research Fellowship in LSE Tech, a research team at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the area of innovation and technology management.

Megan Beynon

Senior Research Fellow

Megan Beynon is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Surrey. She is combining her experience as an IBM Software Engineer and Senior Inventor and her experience as a consultant under Innovation Futures at Sheffield Hallam University to develop the Agile Innovation Programme and the Business Insights Lab at the Surrey Business School. As an innovation consultant she has a track record of working with companies at a very practical level, delivering strategic innovation and clarity. Megan also runs her own music business, creating new teaching approaches and material. She is particularly interested in the creation and application of technology that enhances people’s experience, learning and development. Her work has been recognised in a number of awards, The IEE Innovation in Engineering Awards, British Female Innovator & Inventor of the Year Awards, and Women of the Future Awards.

David Bruce Allen

Executive Dean

David Bruce Allen is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Surrey. Prior to taking up this post, he enjoyed a multi-faceted career as an academic, consultant and entrepreneur. From 1994-2010, he was at IE Business School in Madrid, where he was Associate Dean for Research and Chair of the Strategy Department. As an entrepreneur, Professor Allen has operated a trading company, and founded a banking consulting company and a film company. As a consultant and advisor, he has worked for numerous multinational firms including Banco Santander, Diageo, Pfizer, Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica, La Caixa, Eli Lilly, and Amadeus.

Advisory Boards

External Advisory Board

Dr Sally Howes (National Audit Office)
Dr Mark Thompson (Cambridge Judge Business School)
Dr Jerry Fishenden (UK Government Advisor)
Rob Lamb (IBM)
Bill Payne (Concentrix)
Roger Camrass (Consultant)
Rachi Weerasinghi (Gartner)
David Brown (Axa)

Internal Advisory Board

Prof David Frohlich (Digital World Research Centre)
Prof Mark Plumbley (Center for Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing)
Prof Klaus Moesner (Centre for Communication Systems Research)
Prof Steve Schneider (Centre for Cyber Security)
Prof Craig Underwood (Surrey Space Centre)
Prof Alex Cook (Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health)