Every business is now a digital business

Digital is not only transforming what can be done, but how it is done and by whom.

In their 2013 technology report, Accenture argue that ‘‘every business is [now] a digital business”.

They suggest that the digital mindset is no longer the realm of the IT department but impacts every area of the business including HR, Property, Finance, Strategy and Operations; in effect every budget is an IT budget.The implications of this are being played out within many organizations.

At CoDE we firmly believe that the opportunity for the Digital Economy is now.

Creative Approach

When the Map Changes the Landscape

As Richard Normann expressed it in his book Reframing Business, digital technology liberates us from constraints of:

Time – when things can be done

Place – where things can be done

Actor – who can do what

Constellation – with whom it can be done

Technology is advancing quickly, but the same can't be said for organizations and skills.

The gap between swiftly evolving technology and the slower pace of human development will grow rapidly in the coming decades, as exponential improvements in artificial intelligence, robotics, networks, analytics, and digitization affect more and more of the economy and society.

Designing effective organizations and institutions for the digital economy is the grand challenge for our time.

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