To understand, analyze, and optimize our Digital World.

Based at the Surrey Business School, the Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE) is a major effort focused on the impact of digital technology on businesses, the economy, and society. Drawing on the University of Surrey’s strengths in technology and innovation, its internationally recognized engineering activities, and the growing reputation of Surrey Business School, CoDE is analysing the broad economic, organizational, and sociological changes brought about by the advance and spread of digital technology.

Platforms and Ecosystems

Businesses of all sizes and ages are re-thinking their delivery approaches to take advantage of new forms of market place dynamics: platforms and ecosystems. What will be the emerging platforms that will shake up key industries? How do they work? How can we guide organizations to take best advantage of digital platform innovation?

Digital Business Models

The three most important elements of many business today are speed, speed, and speed. What new business models are made possible by digitization and how can entrepreneurs more quickly implement them in ways that create widespread benefits?

The Power of Big Data

The real power of big data lies not only in its scale, but also in how it is intelligently interpreted to improve business strategy. Which data sources are important to monitor and manage? How do we use that information to experiment in business practices, analyze their impact, and make better business decisions?

Agile Innovation Practices

Organizations in the public and private sector must monitor many factors to operate effectively, and move quickly to separate the signals from the noise, and convert that knowledge into actions. What does an agile approach to business mean in practice? How do you move quickly yet maintain control in complex operating environments?

“Digitization of service delivery has been one of the most rapid and compelling trends of the past two decades, and has spurred not just a technical revolution, but also a cultural shift in what people expect now in service delivery speed, accuracy, and transparency.”

Alan W. Brown, Surrey CoDE Team

“My mission in life is to create media systems that bring the advance of digital technology to foster wellness in society and the economy. To do this, we have to collaborate. We must innovate together. The Surrey Center of Digital Economy is what that's all about.”

Dr. David Plans, Surrey CoDE Team